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DriveSLO.com serves the San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties of the Central Coast, from Paso Robles all the way down to Santa Maria, Lompoc and Buellton. DriveSLO.com provides the most extensive and relevant, used AND new auto classifieds available in our area.


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  • All local dealers and inventory
  • Smoking fast! Seriously, we built it lean and mean. Go ahead and compare it to any other vehicle search site out there!
  • Gallery style viewing just like the classifieds. This allows for larger thumbnail images.
  • Focused on an EASY search process
  • Sign up process is painless
  • Fully manage your account online
  • View statistics on how many times your ads were viewed and clicked, helping you to maximize future ads. (available shortly after launch)
  • Customizable import scripts to shorten the time it takes to place your ads


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Why Use DriveSLO.com?

Simply put, DriveSLO.com was built with the dealer in mind. The internet has quickly become the modern tool of choice for today's consumers. The shopping experience usually begins with a search using your most reliable web sites as starting points. There's a wealth of information out there and that means today's consumers are more educated when it comes to finding exactly what they are looking for. This presents a potential problem for those providing services or selling products. Traditional forms of advertising are done in hopes that the right people see it. DriveSLO.com gives you the opportunity to put your entire inventory directly in front of those people who are actually looking for it!

Fortunately, the internet has also increased peoples' tendency to shop... only it's from the comfort of their own homes. One thing human beings can't escape is impulse and the desire of the moment so it's important to remember that people would still prefer to purchase their product in person and immediately. This is where we come in. DriveSLO.com is a LOCAL company, focused on LOCAL business. Our first goal is to provide the consumers with tools they need to make a vehicle purchase they can feel good about and our second is to shorten the path between research and the sale by providing them with vehicle listings right where they live, here on the Central Coast.

It's our mission to provide the largest, most extensive, new and used vehicle inventory on the Central Coast, from Lompoc to Paso Robles. We can't do that without you!