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DriveSLO.com serves the San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties of the Central Coast, from Paso Robles all the way down to Santa Maria, Lompoc and Buellton. DriveSLO.com provides the most extensive and relevant, used AND new auto classifieds available in our area.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. Please check below to see if you question can be answered prior to contacting us.

What areas does DriveSLO.com serve?

DriveSLO.com serves the San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties of the Central Coast, from Paso Robles to Lompoc. Because we focus on our own communities, DriveSLO.com provides the most extensive and relevant auto listings available, and reaches the "right" buyers... the ones who live here.

How is DriveSLO.com different from the other auto search sites?

DriveSLO.com is focused on two things... being fast and easy to use! We've taken many steps to ensure your search is smokin' fast and that you'll find only the automobiles you are looking for. We've also ensured your listing experience is simple, straightforward and requires only a few steps. DriveSLO.com requires no sign-ups to view vehicle listings or save ads for later. We are a local company, with local cars available locally for local buyers and sellers! Local! Local! Local! We love the Central Coast!

Is my information safe?

Yes. Rest assured. We do not keep credit card numbers in our database and they are only used in the actual payment transaction which is encrypted with an industry standard,128 bit Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. Basically, it's geek speak for "It's a tough nut to crack." For more info, read our privacy policy.

Why must I enter my credit card number again to extend my listing another month?

For your security, we only store non-sensitive information and we NEVER store your credit card number. This may require an extra minute of your time but it's just safer that way. Thanks for understanding.

Do you offer any guarantees regarding the condition of vehicles listed on DriveSLO.com?

Umm... no on that one, sorry. We are not a dealership, have not seen any listed vehicles with our own eyes and cannot verify the truthfulness of the vehicle information. Like anything else in life, do your homework first and make sure you know what to look for. If you are looking for a guaranteed used vehicle, you might consider checking out a certified used car or purchasing a warranty. If you are interested in a vehicle's history, or to find out if the vehicle has been in an accident, you may click the "View Carfax Report" link on the vehicle detail page.