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DriveSLO.com serves the San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties of the Central Coast, from Paso Robles all the way down to Santa Maria, Lompoc and Buellton. DriveSLO.com provides the most extensive and relevant, used AND new auto classifieds available in our area.


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User Terms and Agreement

Buying a Vehicle

All listings and the images featured therein are property of the users who post them. DriveSLO.com has not, and cannot, verify the information posted in these listings and encourage you to investigate the condition and features of the vehicle you are interested in. Most sellers are decent and honest but don't be a sucker. Investigate the claims made in the listing and ask good questions. The prices listed typically do not include tax, license fees, financing charges, etc. and must be considered when purchasing a vehicle. The negotiation between buyer and seller determine the final price of a vehicle. If you believe a user has intentionally posted false information, contact us and we will investigate.

Selling a Vehicle

When selling a vehicle, please be as accurate as possible. You, the user, are responsible for all information posted and all claims made. If we at DriveSLO.com find that a user has intentionally falsified information we reserve the right to remove the listing and refund will not be issued. Individual user accounts are for non-dealers, but you can sell more than one vehicle at a time. Individual accounts may not be used to buy and sell vehicles in a business sense. If you are interested in continually buying and selling vehicles, we require you sign up for one of our dealer packages. If we find that a dealer is attempting to use an individual account for business purposes we will suspend the account and a refund will not be issued. DriveSLO.com does not guarantee the sale of your vehicle.


You'll see various banner ads and business listings as you surf through the pages of DriveSLO.com. These ads are paid for and provided by the advertisers. DriveSLO.com is not responsible for the claims made by such ads, though we do actively monitor all ads.

Credit Card Processing

All credit card transactions are final and non-refundable. Purchasing a dealer package or individual listing gives you instant access to showcase your vehicle(s). Dealer packages are charged on a monthly basis until cancellation.